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International School of Traditional Midwifery

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    Dear Aspiring and Practicing Midwives,

    Welcome you to the International School of Traditional Midwifery! We are pleased that you are considering our school for the beginning or continuing of your midwifery education. We invite you to peruse our catalogs for the programs we offer. If you have further questions or need more information we may be reached at 88-88888 or rachelle@yahoo.com

    We hope that we may continue to support you on your journey to becoming a midwife or continuing on the path.

    School Director
    International School of Traditional Midwifery


  • MOMS ~ Short Course Offerings

    ISTM offers Short Correspondence Courses for those midwives who would like to fill in the gaps in their education, deepen their knowledge of a particular midwifery related subject or dip their toe into the study of midwifery. We welcome the opportunity to assist you in your midwifery educational needs! Give us a call with your questions or visit us online.
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