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Our History

  • History

    Summer 1998: Midwives on Missions of Service (M.O.M.S.) was founded with the vision to crate a network of midwives, birthing families and supporters around the world. Part of that vision became the International School of Traditional Midwifery (ISTM), which took students for the first time in 2001.
    Spring 1999: M.O.M.S. sends two delegates to Senegal to begin an indigenous midwifery training program and work in a clinic in a impoverished village.
    Fall 2000: The M.O.M.S. Board of Directors makes the decision to establish ISTM.
    March, 2001: The first year of school...14 students begin classes.
    August, 2001: M.O.M.S. receives tax-exempt, 501c3 status.
    March, 2002: 9 students complete the first year of the program.
    April, 2002: ISTM reaches a teach out agreement with the Oregon School of Midwifery to complete the training of the 4 on-site students in Eugene and 11 Distance Learning Program students around the world. This agreement includes acquisition for the library, teaching materials, furniture, curriculum, resources, and Distance Learning Program from the now closed OSM. This was a huge step in our growth and development!
    May,2002: Enrollment for a new group of students for the Fall 2002 term begins.
    June, 2002: Response to our internet ads in overwhelming!
    September, 2002: Classes resume with 9 new first year students.
    April 2003: First group of onsite Midwifery Students complete 2 years of training.
    September 2003: A new group of 1st year students begin onsite program.
    October 2003: Board of Directors approves Midwifery Project in Nigeria.
    November 2003: Board of Directors, students and membership begin work on local momma/baby free clinic in Ashland, Oregon.
    Each step has brought us excitement and even more vision for our future!