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  • Midwives is a non-profit organization or company

    Send midwives, medical personnel and supplies to areas of need throughout the world.
    Promote the availability of medical and midwifery care to all women and children.
    Provide academic and clinical experience opportunities to midwives of all nationalities so that they may achieve full independence in their profession.
    Learn from and honor the cultures and traditions of the communities we serve.
    Promote community education about healthy pregnancy and breastfeeding habits

  • The Midwives Model of Care

    The Midwives model of care follows the principles that in most cases pregnancy is a normal, low risk, significant time in the lives of women and families that does not require medical intervention. Midwives are recognized as the best care providers in pregnancy and women have the right to the care provider of their choice, as well as the location of their choice to give birth. The midwives model of care also acknowledges the various cycles of a woman's life and that midwives are proficient in offering education, treatment and support during these times. This model of care honors the wisdom of women to know what their needs are, and ability to educate themselves about treatment options. We uphold this standard of care to its highest form through the education of midwives and communities...



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